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HR Department

8 Reasons Why The HR Department Won't Hire You

13 Jun |

Going on a job interview?    Nervous?    Want to make a good impression?  Then here are some of the things you should avoid. Below are 8 Reasons Why The HR Department Won't Hire You:

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What Story Does Your Resumé Paint?

06 Jun |

Think of your resume as painting pictures. If you imagine your resume unfolding your story as a mini graphic novel, what story does it paint?

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Finding A Job

A Professional Recruiter Can Take The Pain Out Of Finding A Job

18 May |

Finding a Job Can Be Scary and Complicated – But It Doesn’t Have To Be. The job of the professional recruiter is to simplify your job search, connect you to the right job, and prepare you to get hired.

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Positive Impact

Top 3 Reasons Why Thank You Notes Make A Positive Impact On Employers

27 Apr |

It is a fact! Thank-you notes still make a positive impact on employers, and they enhance your chance of getting the job you want for two main reasons: they give you visibility and are your final audition

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Human Resources Department

5 Things The Human Resources Department Looks For In A Candidate

18 Apr |

It's important to understand what the human resources department looks for in a candidate because HR is the door you have to pass through to get into most companies.

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Interview Questions

3 Tips To Help You Crush The "WHY" Interview Questions

30 Mar |

In my last blog article, Don't Hate Those Tricky Job Interview Questions. Embrace Them! I wrote about the interview questions we all hate, such as: What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? 

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job interview

Don't Hate Those Tricky Job Interview Questions. Embrace Them!

14 Mar |

You are in a job interview for your entry-level or next-step job. You're nervous already, then the interviewer asks a question that throws you. You feel like a deer in the headlights wishing you could turn and run. 

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staffing agency

3 Reasons Why You Need To Work With A Staffing Agency

28 Feb |

You're out of college and looking to start your career...

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WOW Experience

Spread The Joy Of A "WOW Experience" To All Of Your Customers

17 Jan |

In my last post, Love Your Job And Give Your Customers A WOW Experience, I wrote about the “wow experience” you give to customers or clients when you love your job. I had that experience as a visitor to The National Portrait Gallery. From my first encounter with a staff member to my last, I was struck with the feeling, “Wow! These people love working here!”

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Career Goals

New Year’s Story: My Struggle To Set Career Goals and What I Learned

04 Jan |

It's another new year and time to take stock, set some goals, and make some plans for your career. A few lucky people can nail this. They know exactly what they want and have a plan to get there. But for the rest of us setting goals is hard.

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